Execution Date: October 14,2015

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Date of Birth:  July 3, 1982
Hometown:  Dallas, TX

Neighborhood: Ledbetter


Licho Escamilla

"Greetings to Everyone,
             My name is Licho. I'm 33 years old, Hispanic from Dallas, TX.  I have been on Death Row since November 1, 2002 and now have an Execution Date set for October 14, 2015."

​​​​​      I was born in Irving, TX at Baylor Hospital on July 3, 1982. I was raised in West Dallas in a neighborhood known as   Led Better. Led Better, is a low income neighborhood that is populated of 98% Hispanics.

     Growing up in Led Better was not a walk in the park for anyone. Much us the young. We've seen things that'll make you say , " Damn, that's messed up. For real." One of my friend's mom was a Prostitute, not for drugs or thrills, but to pay the bills and take care of the family by all means. She didn't have any  transportation. Sometimes when we'd be riding our bikes around the neighborhood, we would see her getting picked up bu a customer. We would just turn the other way. Acting as if we didn't see anything. We felt his pain and he was still our friend no matter what. Sometimes we'd spend the night at his house and his mom would let us order pizza and watch movies bought from the neighborhood drug addicts " Dope pheens"  We were young and thought she was cool. These are what type of backgrounds some of my friends had growing up in the struggle. Hard times for real. This where I come from, "My Home" that I miss everyday, The Ghetto.

     I find myself on Death Row now and it's been a wild stay here. I have to deal with this situation the best way that I can. There's no manual or hard book on how to do it. All you can do is go in survival mode, like in the hood. I have to survive this Death sentence and remain sane all at once. They say that adversity brings out ones True character. A weak person will break under adversity, while a strong person will thrive and excel to his full potential. Stone Sharpens Steel. This confinement of mind, body and soul murder in a stone cage has sharpened the steel of my mind, not because there is rehabilitation here. There isn't any, except for ones own will to live, learn and to better himself. I have a steel will to LIVE, LOVE and GROW my will is filled with my own self  LOVE. My struggles on Death Row have taught me many things. I have come to realize that pain is the breaking of the shell, that encloses our understanding, and from it I have discovered some truths, wisdom and even some joys, that allow me to have some internal fortitude (even in the stone hell) that allows me to sustain and seek the expanse of freedom.

     I hope you give me the opportunity to share this with you and that it allows us to form unbreakable bonds beyond this stone, that will compel you to want to share in return. Allowing us to appreciate our diversities, similarities and to meet on a common ground of human understanding.